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Ice Cream and Cones

About Us

At Rose Ice Cream Bicycle Hire we pride our selves on being Covid compliant and ensure all our staff are trained in Food Hygiene and are DBS checked. We are fully public liability insured, registered with our local council and food hygiene rated. Please get in contact for further information.

Our Ice Cream

We use Marshfield Farm and New Forest Ice Cream, which made with fresh farm milk, their entire product range is suitable for vegetarians and free from artificial colours & flavours.​ Our real fruit sorbets and plant based ice creams are made to a dairy free recipe and are packed full of our signature flavours

We’ve got a galaxy of real dairy ice cream flavours to choose from. At the top of the range is our deluxe clotted cream ice cream range:  each mix is made with fresh farm milk, then added dollops of clotted cream to the recipe for a creamy, luxurious texture.

We are often asked where our Ice Cream comes from and what made us choose Marshfields Ice Cream and New Forest Ice Cream, apart from passing a vigorous taste test we also strongly believe in their ethos.

Marshfield Farm sits eight miles north of the City of Bath on the edge of the rolling Cotswold Hills. They are a working farm that also produces ice cream; every process is carried out on the farm itself and they are proud their dairy heritage remains strong across their business.

As New Forest Ice Cream are firmly rooted in the New Forest and the generous bounty of this unique location is evident in the quality and flavours of their real dairy ice cream. As a result, they have introduced numerous initiatives to help reduce our carbon footprint and to become even more environmentally friendly, to ensure that their special location retains its beauty for many more generations to enjoy.


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