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New for 2023

Wheely Whippy Bicycle

We offer a unique service for you that is not something you will find anywhere else. With no big diesel guzzling vans, it is an environmentally friendly way to serve you and your guests yummy Whippy Ice Cream!

Our mobile ice cream bicycle comes complete with everything you need to make the perfect soft serve ice cream including:

  • Traditional cones and tubs with spoons

  • Selection of Flakes, Sauces, Sprinkles and Mini Sweets

  • A uniformed attendant to serve your guests

As with all our electricals, our ice cream machines are PAT tested and certified, they are suitable for commercial use and of the highest standard, these are high output professional machines.


Upgrade to waffle cones from £15

Add on our range of deluxe topping extras: sherbert, mini fudge chunks, mini smarties, Biscoff and Oreo crumble froml £20

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